Vintage red pullover coat


Immerse yourself in retro style with our Vintage Red Pullover Coat. This statement piece has a wide cut, reaching the hips, and boasts wide sleeves for a fashion-forward look. Unlined for breathability, it features a zip on the chest and two handy front pockets. With ribbed edges on the collar and sleeves, this coat exudes a nostalgic charm. In a vibrant shade of red, it proudly showcases the word “Aha!” on the chest and sleeve. Please note, the color may appear lighter in the pictures. Shop now and embrace the nostalgia of vintage fashion!

I suggest the era 90s.

Chest 122cm.

Waist 118cm.

Length 71cm.

No information on brand and material.

Availability: In stock

Size: L, 46

NB! Standardised measurements of clothing have altered over the years. All our garments are hand measured by our team and sizes match Our Size Guide.
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