What’s in fashion for summer 2021?

Like most Estonians, I’m looking forward to the summer, when I can sit on the grass and be outdoors in the evenings without a jacket. It’s still spring according to the calendar and the weather is even wintry at times, but soon, I hopefully assure myself, the weather will warm up and winter will be over for good. Spring is cool, but summer is what we put up with the other 9 months of bad ski weather for. So, without further ado, here’s what’s in for summer 2021.

Before I prophetically predict future trends, I should mention that most of my wisdom on the subject comes from the fashion bible. Vogue . In this case, from the May 2021 edition.

Black and white

If the world is a messy place, in fashion it’s simple – black and white make the difference. Combine a chic white jacket with black cycling trousers and you’re in style. Or if you love classic, go for a white blouse and black skirt. For dresses, hot chess pattern fabrics or slightly more complex geometric patterns, black dresses with white details or vice versa.

Short tops

This summer, bare your tummy and wear a short top around your body, last seen in the… Jennifer Lopez at the 1998 MTV awards. It may seem simple, but there’s a wide range – with or without shoulder straps, plain or patterned, symmetrical with 2 sleeves or asymmetrical covering one shoulder, leather, sequins, embroidered – it’s all in fashion. You can combine it with trousers, long or short, as well as with skirts. The trendiest, however, wear it with a jacket or vest.

Braided ribbons

Once again, the spotlight is on the belly, around which fashionable people are tying their knots this summer. Ribbons are attached to both skirts and tops and form the middle part of dresses. Resistance is futile as several fashion designers such as Paco Rabanne, Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors, Versace and others continue to heat up the trend.

Livery dresses

After a long and dark period of restraint, light and airy maxi dresses are taking hold in the fashion world, and wearing them should brighten the mood considerably. Really long, floor-length dresses are in fashion, both romantic and glamorous, depending on the mood and the occasion. There’s plenty of room to play with, choose the one that suits you, floral or solid, sheer or velvet, with lace and lace trims or a slip dress.

Wide trousers

Narrow trousers are being replaced by wide trousers this summer, swapping out the clingy outfit for a looser and more comfortable one. This doesn’t mean that clothing should become lazy and sloppy. On the contrary, elegant style is in fashion. Go for high-waisted, wide-leg trousers that accentuate the waist and torso and show off the best parts of your body. Choose a wide-leg trouser outfit for the office and a short silk top and wide-leg jeans for a night out.


The rise of the Keepi on the fashion scene, like so many other trends coming onto the scene this summer, is probably linked to a desire to escape from the world. Fashion designers just know how to make an item mysteriously desirable, and this summer it’s keep. Add a keep to a festive liver dress, a romantic floral dress or wear a cape and skirt set. There’s no limit to what you can wear, you can choose the keebi you like: a glamorous country keebi with feathers, a minimalist one-shoulder keebi, a puffy keepcoat or something classic.


Most of us haven’t had a reason to wear sequins for a while, and probably don’t have any immediate plans to do so. Or maybe it is anyway? To make sure that the step out of the comfort zone is not too abrupt, designers such as Celine, Balmain, Paco Rabanne, Louis Vuitton, Valentino and Chanel have come to the rescue, combining glamorous garments covered in sequins with comfortable shoes and beanie hats, or not adding shoes at all. When you go to your next party, you can cover your body with any litres of clothing, wear a beanie and tennis shoes or go barefoot. You don’t just need to cover up your dresses with sequins, feel free to wear a sequin retuuse or cycling shorts.

Cuttings from

For Fendi, Carolina Herrera and Miu Miu, the part of the body below the ribs and above the waist is the area to expose this summer. Evening gowns, office dresses and silky slip dresses are all the more exciting this summer thanks to the openings that reveal the skin. Find a dress that reveals your body from the sides, back, shoulders or even elbows, symmetrically or asymmetrically, and you’re fashionable.


The most important fashion trend this summer is the emphasis on the waist, which, in addition to short tops and ribbons around the body, is expressed in corset-inspired garments. While in the past corset dresses have been more of an evening outfit, this summer corsets should be combined with street style. Wear office trousers with a brightly coloured corset, a corset over a high-necked jumper or even a pair of rider trousers. Of course, the tulle and lace corset dresses, the leather corset dresses and the corset with skirt variations have not disappeared.

Blouse with skirt

The beauty of being at home is that you can dress comfortably. To make leaving the comfort of home as painless as possible, fashion designers have been gracious and created a trend that combines comfort with elegance. Wear a blouse with a flouncy skirt, an office skirt with a puffy jacket, a ski jumper or sweatshirt with a floral dress, a lace dress with a raincoat or denim jacket, etc. The coolest combo is a blouse and skirt or dress from the same outfit in a patterned or solid colour.


In fashion, it’s not just fishnets, but all kinds of mesh-inspired techniques that can be used in clothing design. The keyword is artistic approach, so you can let your imagination run wild – a net with sequins or beads attached, a simple fishing net, a crocheted, woven or braided net, a macramé or romantic lace net, a simple net-like cut fabric or a net interwoven with chains – anything is cool. For example, wear a fishnet or a mesh keeper over your clothes.


After a long and tiring winter, it’s the stripes that wake us up from hibernation and give us a spring energy boost. There are different combinations in fashion – brightly coloured stripes, black and white stripes, pastel stripes, vertical, horizontal and diagonal stripes. Choose any garment with stripes – a costume, knitted dress, t-shirt, trousers or skirt. You’ll look especially fierce when you combine garments with different stripes.

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