We also like Humana Vintage

Humana Vintage is one of my favourite second-hand clothing shopping places. If you like Humana Vintage, you’ll probably like our shop🙂

What links us to Humana Vintage Son?

Just like the Humana Vintage shop, we focus on retro and vintage clothing. Our shop has both retro and vintage clothing categories, and filters allow you to browse clothes specifically in these categories. The Vintage category contains quality and timeless clothes from the 1930s to the 2000s. In the Retro category you will find original and nostalgic clothes.

Like Humana, all the clothes we sell are bought, not donated. We inspect the garments before they arrive at the store and select only those that are decent, wearable and fit our store concept – beautiful, high quality and special. We donate the rest of the decent and wearable clothes to recycling centres and other second hand shops. Clothes that are no longer wearable are sent to the waste disposal centre.

Like Humana, our mission is to give new life to clothes and reduce the ecological footprint of the garment industry.

Why are we better?

Unlike Humana Vintage e-shop, we are aimed at people in Estonia – our shop is in Estonian and our postage is cheaper.

We want people to feel at least as good about buying second-hand clothes as they do about buying quality new clothes. We wash the clothes clean and steam them so they smell good and are ready to wear. We measure all the clothes and size them according to our in-store sizing chart to make it as easy as possible for the buyer to determine the size. We take pictures of the highest possible quality so that the buyer can get a better idea of the garment. In product descriptions, we include as much information as possible about the product, material, etc., to draw the buyer’s attention to details that may not be visible or understandable from the picture.

It’s as convenient as possible for the customer – no need to create an account or enter their postal address. As we ship to parcel machines, the customer’s name, e-mail address and telephone number are sufficient. You can choose between 3 service providers – Omniva, Itella Smartpost and DPD parcel machines. We also have more payment options than Humana Vintage online. You can pay by traditional bank transfer, bank card or Paypal.

For purchases over €20, we don’t charge our customers a postage fee, and if the item is not suitable, you can return it to us without a parcel machine. As our goods are located in Estonia, customers can get their purchases faster than from the Humana Vintage e-store warehouse in Lithuania. In most cases, we will post the day of the order or the next day.

To maximise the shopping experience and to make our customers feel special when they receive the goods, we wrap all shipments in silk paper and Metsvintage logo postal bags.

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