Yaga is almost as fierce as us :)

Yaga is my favourite place to buy and sell clothes. I’ve always preferred secondhand goods and I love shopping in secondhand shops. Unfortunately, I don’t get there as often as I’d like. In Yaga, I can shop without having to go anywhere.

Cool second-round clothes are my passion. This passion led to the creation of the Metsvintage second-hand clothes e-shop.

As it’s convenient to buy and sell in Yaga, I made my own shop in Yaga for Metsvintage clothes. In our Yaga.ee shop you’ll find some cool vintage and retro stuff and even some designer clothes. But this is our very own e-shop, and there’s even more cool stuff here.

What kind of clothes do we sell?

When choosing clothing, it’s important for me that it looks cool, catches the eye and stands out from the crowd. Whether my cool is your cool is a matter of taste 🙂

Just as important as looking cool is the material and the quality of the stitching. I prefer natural fabrics that are comfortable to wear. In our shop you’ll find silk, cashmere, organic cotton, linen and full-grain garments. Because the quality of the sewing is important, we also sell a lot of designer and branded clothing.

But my greatest passion is vintage clothes. And vintage to me doesn’t just mean old clothes, it means beautiful clothes with a good quality history that represent a certain era, fit well and elevate you. Take a look at our vintage clothes. All the stuff is also available in our Yaga shop.

Why do we like Yaga?

A good e-shop isn’t just about great merchandise or low prices. With so many shops and so little time, it is crucial that the shop is customer-centric – saving time and being easy to use. I find Yaga very user-friendly thanks to the efficient search solution and filters. In addition, it is extremely convenient for the seller to use.

We’ve followed the same principles in our online shop. We can sort and filter the goods. You can search for products by any word in the product description. We have made the pictures as high quality as possible and the product description contains as much information as possible. We’ve made a few extra moves to keep the customer happy. All the clothes have been measured over and even the material information is given. So that the customer can immediately enjoy wearing the new clothes, we have washed and steamed them.

Our clothes in the Yaga shop

We opened our shop in Yaga almost a year ago and we are very happy with it. We currently have more than 500 scarves for sale at Yaga, we have received almost 100 orders and 38 people have liked our shop. You can find our Yaga shop here.

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