What will be in fashion in 2022?

It’s almost a new year and time to find out what’s in for 2022. In 2021, I only managed to do a post on summer trends. This time, I’m going to take a broader view and share a fashion tip for the whole year. My wisdom comes from TheTrendSpotter.net, and since there are so many styles to do without in the new year, I decided to focus on the ones I would wear myself.

Beads and pearls

Beads and pearls have adorned clothes since time immemorial, so it’s not an unprecedented trend. However, the picture is changing in the sense that it will be fashionable to adorn your everyday outfit with them in 2022. Add the beads to a jacket, jeans or blouse and wear in layers. For example, combine a beaded slip dress with a bomber jacket and tank boots. In cooler weather, add a flowy turtleneck under the dress.

When it comes to heirlooms, simplicity is simplicity’s charm. Add pearls to the shoulder straps of your shirt or choose a blouse with pearl buttons. Pearls are always beautiful with dark coloured clothes. However, there’s no danger of overdoing it if you cover your whole jacket or coat in pearls, because in 2022 you can feel like a queen with no responsibilities.

Outerwear with fringes

In 2022, the nerds will be at least as good as they were in the 70s. Fringes add movement and fun to clothing, and are much needed in these challenging times. In particular, jackets, coats, capes, vests and other outerwear with fringes are all the rage, but you’re sure to be on trend with a fringed skirt or dress. Again, layered dressing is the keyword here, which is perfect for our climate.

For example, wear a fringed cloak with a maxi skirt and tank boots or shorts with a jacket with big fringes. Natural tones such as brown, caramel, khaki and cream are popular.

Contrasting patterns

In the past, wearing different contrasting patterns together has been considered rather tacky, but not anymore. If neutral and monochromatic tones are boring for you, 2022 fashion allows you to go crazy with pattern mixing. The trick, however, is to balance the array of patterns with a monochromatic and preferably neutral-coloured headpiece.

First and foremost, look for 70s-style abstract, geometric or psychedelic patterns and wear them with, for example, wormskin or animal prints. Choose a top part with one pattern and the other patterned part, and wear a long, solid-coloured vest, coat or jacket over them.

Long (faux) leather coats

The 2000s are back and with them the Matrix. style leather coats . For me, it’s a favourite trend because in our climate, a coat is in daily use for most of the year, and a leather coat is a particularly versatile garment as it can withstand wind and rain. Depending on your budget and your outlook, you can choose a full leather or faux leather coat – either way, you’re in.

In addition to the classic black and brown coats, you can spice up your wardrobe in 2022 with an animal print coat or a 2-colour coat. In colder weather, feel free to wear a roomier coat with a sweater underneath and button it up to the throat. In warmer weather, you can simply wear the coat as an accessory on the arms and let the shoulders and bottom of the outfit shine.

One-piece suits in a single colour

The jumpsuit is a delightful and versatile outfit, as it is suitable for the office, for the ladies, or for shopping. In 2022, the keywords are natural and monochromatic and the jacket must be long or oversized or both. The jacket or blazer must be above the hips and should be wide rather than waisted. As long as it’s cold outside, leave the jacket or blazer in the closet and wear cream or light beige trousers with a coat in the same shade.

Once again, simplicity is the charm. If you’re going for comfort, for example, wear a beige or light brown jumpsuit with a simple white t-shirt and sneakers. For the glamour girls, there’s a jumpsuit with a slip-on turtleneck and heels, and in summer you can wear a croptop under your jacket or leave the blouse off. If you opt for a coat instead of a jacket, combine it with a white triangle shirt or turtleneck and wide or flared trousers.

These five trends are my favourites for what’s in fashion in 2022 and they’re definitely not all. Fashion is increasingly versatile and playful, and gives us plenty of freedom to find what suits us. You don’t have to completely change your wardrobe every year, just add a trendy top. If you want to stand out from the crowd, spice up your outfit with edgy and unique second-round clothes.

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