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We all know what second-hand clothes are, and each of us has our own relationship with them. My relationship goes back to the early days of the Republic of Estonia, when humanitarian aid began to arrive from abroad in the form of secondhand goods that had never been seen here before. Since then, I’ve been a real fan of second-hand clothing and the result of this long and passionate relationship is the Metsvintage second-hand clothing e-shop.

Which second-hand clothes are available in our online shop? is a second-hand clothing online shop where only carefully selected and very special second-hand clothes have found their way. We have chosen vintage, natural, retro and branded clothing as the main trends for the clothes in our shop.

Vintage second hand clothes

In the Vintage Clothes category you will find clothes that clearly represent a certain era. This category is mainly made up of clothes from the 1980s and 90s, but there are also older and newer ones. The newer ones are not yet vintage by definition, but they have the potential to become so in a few years. When it comes to vintage clothing, we’ve also paid attention to the quality of the garments – good fabric and proper tailoring are important, which is why you’ll find brands from well-known designers here.

Retro second hand clothes

In the retro clothing category you will find clothes that are not directly vintage, as the quality of the tailoring or the fabric falls a little short of vintage criteria, but the clothes themselves are interesting and special enough that we have felt it necessary to bring them to our customers. You can find some fascinating stuff that is hard to judge as to its period, and nobody has heard of the maker, but the wearer is guaranteed attention.

Branded clothing

In the branded category you will find clothes that are mostly made by today’s quality fast fashion manufacturers and well enough preserved to give them a new chance. Here too, we’ve made it a priority to make clothes more than just ordinary. There has always been something about the garment that has caught our attention and hopefully will catch our customers’.

Clothes made from natural materials

In this category, we have collected clothes that are primarily made from natural materials. Having worn clothes made of different materials over the years, I realise how much the material of the garment plays a role in addition to its beautiful appearance. In addition to helping the environment, wearing clothes made from natural materials is much more comfortable than wearing synthetic materials. Natural fabrics don’t sweat, don’t cause allergies and last longer.

Why buy second-hand clothes?

Second-hand clothes are cheap

Used clothes are sold at a price lower than the price at which they were bought new. Mainly because they have been worn out and thus depreciated in value. You can find a wide variety of quality products in the shops and there is almost always something that is simply great value for money. That’s what we strive to offer in our online shop.

Used clothes are special

Because these are clothes that have travelled a much longer and more complex journey to reach the buyer than those sold in shops selling new goods, there are very few of exactly the same clothes on sale. The likelihood is further reduced by the fact that the clothes are often years old, especially vintage. Many of the brands that can be found in second hand shops no longer exist. We are also committed to the uniqueness of clothing.

The clothes used are of high quality

The fact that these are worthwhile garments is justified by the fact that they have come back on sale. After all, goods that have been well preserved are usually sold anyway. Clothes made in the past are of better quality, because before the fast fashion era, manufacturers invested in high-quality fabrics and good tailoring. These are the keywords we keep in mind when choosing our goods.

Contributing to saving the environment

The clothing industry is the second most polluting industry. Today, the world consumes 400% more clothes in a year than it did 20 years ago. On average, 40% of all the clothes you buy end up in the wardrobe and never reach the buyer. 95% of disposable clothing is recyclable. According to a study by the Ellen McArthur Foundation, the textile industry uses 98 million tonnes of non-renewable resources and around 93 billion cubic metres of water every year. The textile industry emits 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases every year. That’s more than the entire international aviation and shipping industry combined can do. Wearing second-hand clothes reduces resource waste and waste.

Why buy second-hand clothes online?

Save time

Shopping online doesn’t take the time it takes to go to a normal shop, look for clothes and try them on. All you need to do to shop is open your mobile phone or computer and enter the shop’s web address. You can also use filters and search forms to find the goods you need faster in our online shop. You can try the clothes on at home.

Save energy

As well as saving time, shopping online takes less energy because you don’t have to go to the store, wander between racks of clothes or queue in the fitting room or checkout. In Metsvintage’s online shop, you select the products you want, pay for them and they’re sent to your parcel machine. Try it on at home and if you don’t like it, send it back for free.

Save money

As there is no need to go to the site, there is no cost for transport. However, more significant savings can be made by being able to filter and sort clothes by price in the e-shop, and set the price category that suits you best. It’s also easier to keep track of discounts and other promotions, especially if you’re a subscriber to e.g. the Metsvintage newsletter.

Valid for yourself in time

Because e-shops work 24/7, you don’t have to set your plans around store opening hours, you can choose the time and place that suits you. One of the biggest drawbacks compared to a traditional shop is that goods bought online arrive with a time delay. We do our best to minimise waiting times, usually posting the day you order or the next day. And because we are a local company, we use a large-scale parcel delivery system in Estonia, which means that delivery times are quite fast.

Save your health

When you shop online, you avoid the crowds and are less likely to come into contact with people who can infect you with viruses. In addition to the risk of infection, the fact that the clothes you are trying on may be unwashed can make you uncomfortable when you are trying on clothes that are not soaked. To avoid this inconvenience, we’ve washed or steamed all the clothes for sale in our shop for you.

Biggest fears when shopping online

Is it safe to shop online?

The biggest risk of buying online is that someone could maliciously gain access to your data. To minimise this risk, we ask our customers for as little personal information as possible. To make a purchase, all you need is the customer’s name, e-mail address and telephone number, which are essential for sending the goods. To pay for the purchase, we use EveryPay payment solution offered by LHV bank, which allows payment through Estonian bank links and the security of which is guaranteed by the service provider.

Is the product exactly as pictured?

Unfortunately, there are some sellers on the internet who do not provide reliable information about their products. This is mostly done by sellers who are difficult to contact after the purchase and who have no or non-functioning return policies. Because we are a local company and we hope to be selling clothes to our customers for years to come, we do our best not to betray their trust. We’ve included all the information about our products’ materials, sizes, brands and defects in the product descriptions, with pictures. However, if you have received the goods and your perception of them is not quite what it seemed when you bought them, you can return them to us. More details on the refund rules can be found here.

Can I communicate with someone in the shop?

One of the advantages of a regular shop is that it has a physical location, with real people you can always turn to with your concerns or questions. The online shop usually provides contact details – a phone number and an email address – where the customer can get in touch. However, few people check that these contacts work and that they can get answers before they buy. In order to alleviate this fear, in addition to the usual contacts on our website, you have the possibility to communicate with us via messenger or write to us directly via the Metsvintage FB page.

Can I return the goods?

As mentioned above, you can’t try on clothes in an online shop until you’ve made your purchase and have the goods in hand. It can always happen that, even though the number is right and the measurements have been checked against the size chart, the new garment doesn’t fit the way you want it to. To minimise the buyer’s disappointment in such a situation, the goods can be returned to us and we will refund the customer’s money. More details on the refund rules can be found here.

Maybe I won’t receive my goods.

There are scammers on the internet who ask customers for money but don’t get the goods. This can be done by ‘sellers’ operating in large markets, where the likelihood of potential customers being aware of the scam is lower. As we are local players and the Estonian market is very small, where somebody always knows somebody and information moves fast among people, we cannot afford such a scheme. And let’s be honest, we don’t need to, because we have fantastic second-hand clothes in our shop that we are happy to sell and deliver to our customers.

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