Wool 80s costume


Woolly 80s costume. It is a costume consisting of a skirt and a jacket. The skirt is pencil cut and comes to about knee length. The skirt is lined and has a back closure and hook. It has hidden pockets on the sides, a velvet waistband and a slit on the back. The jacket is short and barely reaches the hips. The jacket is wider at the shoulders and has patchocks and lining. The jacket has an upright collar at the back and a turned down collar at the front. The jacket has 1 velvet covered button in the front, pockets in the front and small slits in the sides. The sleeves have velvet buttons and the sleeves, pockets and back of the collar are trimmed with velvet fabric. Both the jacket and the skirt are in dark blue wool.

I suggest the 1980s.

The brand is Christamoden.

The outer fabric is 100% wool, the lining is 100% viscose.

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Size: 40

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