Womens White 80s Wool Blazer


“Channel your inner Madonna and embrace the bold elegance of the Women’s White 80s Wool Blazer. This vintage gem brings back the unforgettable style of the 80s, with its loose, hip-length cut and wide cuffed sleeves. The wide collar screams personality, while the double buttons and side pockets make it a practical fashion statement. The adjustable straps with buckles add that final touch of unique flair. Lined for your comfort, this wool blend beauty in natural white will make heads turn wherever you go. Say hello to your stylish time-traveling companion!”

I suggest the era is 80s.

Chest 114cm.

Hip 114cm.

Length 65cm.

Brand is Johan Skoglund.

Fabric 80% wool, 20% polyamid.

Availability: In stock

Size: 44

NB! Standardised measurements of clothing have altered over the years. All our garments are hand measured by our team and sizes match Our Size Guide.
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