Liina Stein’s festive sheer dress


Liina Stein’s festive sheer dress. It’s a beautiful Ancient Greek style dress that goes down to the ground. The dress has a flared skirt at the bottom of the bust and has very long ties that can be knotted crosswise at the back and several times around the body. The dress is multi-layered and has a back closure. The bottom layer is made of a slippery pink fabric and the top layer is made of a sheer, translucent salmon pink fabric. I dare suggest that the outer fabric is silk. The fabric on the top of the dress is slightly torn in a few places and there is a stain in one place (see pictures). Overall, the dress is still decent, and because the outer fabric is very voluminous and flouncy, these flaws can be hidden.

The dress measures 156cm from shoulder to bottom edge.

It comes in a size 34 but is more suitable for a size 36.

The brand is Liina Stein.

No material information available but I would venture to suggest that the outer fabric is silk.

Availability: In stock

Size: 36

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