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Second hand store in Tallinn

The best second hand store in Tallinn

The coolest second hand and vintage clothes in Tallinn can be found at Metsvintage vintage clothing shop 🙂

In addition to the Viljandi shop and e-shop, we now have a shop in Tallinn. We are located in the Balti Jaama Market, 2nd floor. Right between Sõbralt Sõbrale and Basaar.

We are open Mon-Fri, 10.00-19.00 and Sun, 10.00-17.00. In our shop you can pay by cash or card.

Why come to Metsvintage shop?

Our shop has at least as good (actually even better :)) selection of second-hand and vintage clothes as our website. You’ll also find stuff that hasn’t even made it to the online shop yet. Just like our online shop, our real shop only sells beautiful, high-quality clothes. Vintage, retro and luxury brands are represented. There’s also a men’s corner where you’ll find cool retro clothes.

It’s worth a visit to our shop, where prices are a bit cheaper than in the online shop, and there’s a special €5 rack where you can get a great stuff for good price. You can touch and try on all our clothes to see how they fit.

To save your time and energy when looking for the right clothes, we’ve sorted most of the clothes by size. We also have a simple pricing policy – most things cost either 15€ or 25€. In addition to 5€ stall we have a stall for especially beautiful clothes and luxury brands, where the prices are a little more expensive, but definitely 10 times cheaper than in a real shop :).

Where to bring used clothes in Tallinn?

If you’ve got some decent vintage and retro clothes that you don’t need and can’t bear to throw away, you can bring them to us. We are happy to have them. Also we won’t send you away completely empty-handed. If you find something you want in our shop, you can get it for 20% off the regular price.

If you can’t make it to our shop anytime soon, take a look at our e-shop. But if you’re in the area, be sure to visit us 🙂

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