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What is is an online second-hand clothing e-shop where only carefully selected and very special second-hand clothes have found their way. We choose our clothes based on the keywords vintage, natural, retro and stylish. These are also the main categories of clothing sold in our shop.

Our e-shop is for everyone who appreciates the value of history and is willing to wear only beautiful, quality and special clothes, while contributing to the sustainability of our planet through recycling.

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How did we get our joke? was created by people who love beautiful, quality and unique clothes and would happily spend all their free time shopping in rags. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to wear all these clothes ourselves.

In order to prevent the clothes from lying sadly in the racks waiting for the right buyer, the idea was to bring them closer to potential buyers through an online shop for second-hand clothes.

The idea that was born in the autumn of 2019 has now become a reality in the form of e-shop.

Why buy your clothes from us?

Convenient for the buyer

You don’t need to expend energy combing through different rags to find beautiful second-round clothes. Our people have selected, arranged, measured and photographed the best pieces for you.

And you don’t have to exhaust yourself trying on second-hand clothes in the fitting rooms of second-hand shops. In the Metsvintage online shop, you can search for clothes according to size, material, brand, colour, etc. – just the way you like them. Once you’ve made your selection and paid for your purchase, we’ll send the clothes to the Omniva, Itella or DPD parcel machines of your choice and you can try them on at home.

Our dumplings are risk-free for the buyer

After your purchase, we’ll send the goods to the parcel machine of your choice. Once you receive the goods, you can try them on at home and if they don’t fit, you can return them to us within 14 days at our cost.

When you buy from Metsvintage e-shop, you don’t have to worry about missing a delivery as we are a local company and available by phone and email. To ensure sustainability, we are always accountable for the promises we make.

Buying from us saves the environment

All the clothes on sale in our e-shop are second-round clothes. When you buy second-hand clothes from us, you are recycling, and by doing so, you are helping us to contribute to saving the environment.

To minimise the impact of our activities on the environment, we use environmentally friendly cleaning products as much as possible when caring for our clothes. Only in the case of particularly difficult stains do we use sterner stuff to give fabrics another chance.

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